Truth is the secret of exhilaration,foundation of wisdom and realization of God

–Ganesh Kumar (Yoga guru & Founder)


Global school is a place of wisdom, foundation of knowledge and confluence of all arts. It is a dream of its fonder for making versatile activities under one roof. Its founder had been toiling since 2003 to create such a wonderful, heavenly and ecstatic school of all arts. The global schools are administered and maintained by Global educational, cultural & charitable Trust (GECCT). It is a non-profitable, social and public supported organization. It has been serving not only to uplift society but also to enhance humanity to the world by spreading spiritual values, education & arts.



Our worshipful founder Achariya & Yoga Guru P. Ganesh kumar M.A(Eng), M.Sc (Psy), M.A(MC & JR), D.Y.T, Gold medalist in yoga, life researcher, spiritualist, public speaker, Social activist, Educationist, Professor, Soft skill trainer has experience over a decade in teaching Yoga, spreading wisdom and conducting many seminars and conference. He practiced and taught yoga for more than a lakh people from 2003 under his guruji S.Mani Mozhi Elango’s Supervision. He also gathered worldly and spiritual knowledge from various yoga gurus of India. His mission is to create good people to the society by teaching great values of human being and grace of God.


1) To spread yoga for all people of world.

2) To teach ethical & moral values.

3) To make awareness to be healthy & happy.

4) To provide everything for all people.

5) To establish heavenly world by the power of God.

6) To unify all casts, religions and race of world.

7) To create good ,honesty, Truthful society.

8) To avoid enimity , violence and war in world.

9) To set up ideal religion by ideal values.